Fossil Necklace

  • METAL: Brass; Base Metal (Nickel Free and Lead Free)
  • STONE: Orthoceras Fossil
    • Each Fossil has unique variations. They will all have the same general shape and point, but the gray and white areas of fossilization may vary slightly from piece to piece. Over all they will look VERY SIMILAR but not identical, just the way Mother Nature intended :) 
    • 14-16 inches, 16-18 inches, 18-20 inches, 20-22 inches, 22-24 inches, 24-26 inches, 26-28 inches, 28-30 inches
    • If you do not see your desired length, please send us an email Custom chain length may be available upon request.

Packaged Beautifully + Shipped FAST + Free Gift Box

What is an Orthoceras Fossil?

This necklace is made with a beautiful polished Orthoceras fossil from Morocco dating 400+ million years ago. The word Orthoceras means 'straight horn' which refers to the long, straight and conical shaped shell. Did you know that the Orthoceras is a genus of extinct cephaloid (animals related to squid, octopus and nautilus) and ranged in size from a few centimetres in length to over six feet? They could crawl as well as swim and filled the chambers in their shells with air to help them float, when they died the shells accumulated on the ocean bed, sediment covered them and over many, many years they transformed into stone.

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