Pickett Brass Rexi Onmi 25t/24bb

Pickett Brass Rex Omni Trumpet Mouthpiece 

Modifications by Karl Hammond of Hammond Designs 

25 throat (originally $10)

#24 "orchestral" backbore (originally $45)

With modifications included, this would be over $200 New! 

The Pickett Brass Rex Richardson “Omni” mouthpiece is very similar to a Bach 3b paired up with a 3c rim. This allows getting a deeper sound without losing the edge and control that comes with a 3c. I had this modified to be used primarily for orchestra playing. The No.24 Backbore is commonly referred to as the "orchestral" backbore and is used by many professional musicians. The curvature of the bore allows the sound to fill a room wall-to-wall instead of getting a laser-tone straight to the back. The 25 throat gives just a little more resistance than the typical 24/24 pairing so you don't have to go full-steam all of the time just to produce an even rich sound. Great assistant principal/2nd Mouthpiece, also great for lead players that can move a lot of air. I ended up settling on a Bach 1c rim on a 5b cup with 25/25 which is very similar to this, but the screw rim gives you more options with timbre ;) 


*From the manufacturer:

The Rex Omni trumpet mouthpiece combines a generous volume cup with a deeper upper cup and efficient throat entrance. Rim profile is round, with a diameter of about 0.650"-0.655", combined with a medium bite. A 27 throat in conjunction with an efficient, medium resistance backbore offer a secure and confident feel at all volumes. Rex uses the Omni mouthpiece for all of his work in a jazz combo setting and all classical work on B-flat, C, D, and E-flat trumpets. 

*Pickett / Blackburn:


*Karl Hammond Design




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