Schilke E3L

Beautiful condition Schilke E3L for sale. Serial 34*** .  I purchased this horn right before starting at Juilliard and proceeded to barely use it all the way through grad school at Rice. It was purchased from the original owner, a graduate of Eastman. It's a great horn that's about 98% new because it spent most of it's life in the case and was only used a handful of times for Haydn on auditions (I prefer Bb) There's only 1 blemish on the horn - a very small dent in the crook of the D bell that could easily be removed but has no effect on tuning (I tried to highlight it in the pictures but it's only about 1mm impacted and hard too see). The previous owner is responsible for the dent...

Since my musical goals have changed, I'm selling off the auxillary horns . This was purchased back when they were around $4400 and I paid $3700. Given the condition of the horn, my asking price is $3400 shipped. Includes double-case. Case shipped separately to ensure safety of horns.

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