AlphaVariable™ offers a unique selection of Handmade Jewelry, Accessories, and Art. What started out nearly 20 years ago as one person with a vision to build a dream team, has evolved into a small (but robust!) collective of artists and makers. Most of us are jewelers, some of us are graphic designers, painters, photographers, geologists, lapidaries, writers, sculptors and business savvy DIYer's. Each using our individual skill sets to our collective advantage, we have found a great deal of fulfillment in being able to offer quality products, at an affordable price, with excellent customer service!

We are rapidly expanding our designs and experimenting with new styles and techniques as we constantly push each other to study our craft, learn new skills, and collaborate with others. Most of our jewelry is made using the lost wax casting method, which is a process that has been around since the Egyptians. Take a look at one of our AlphaVariable™ in Studio Sneak Peek Videos below and look out for more to come!

We LOVE custom orders whenever time allows, share your vision with us and we see if we can make it happen! Custom Engagement Rings are in high demand and we are working around the clock to create both traditional and modern designs, so that you can get the style that fits your personality best! We have recently been working more with Rose Gold and Morganite as well as Opal and Moonstone for those who choose Diamond Alternatives for their Engagement Rings. 


We have a few REALLY cool pieces coming up and in the video below, you can see Tom (Geologist/Lapidary) cutting and polishing away at a rough piece of Dinosaur Bone. 


We appreciate your support as we keep up with our increasing demand and our every expanding dreams! Send us a message here by using the contact form below or email us at  or for any questions you may have!

 If you are interested in finding out our availability for a custom order, send us a brief message describing the job you are interested in having us do. We will get back to you as soon as possible! You can also send us an email at