The Windmill | Gear Gardens | 2015

The Windmill Sculpture by AlphaVariable
The Windmill Steampunk Sculpture
This sculpture is truly one of a kind. After hundreds of hours of work, what came to life is a fantasy world. Each gear was hand selected and placed with the intention of creating a surreal, almost post apocalyptic, setting.
Watch Gears
The gears first had to be sorted and many of them had to have spiky parts removed and/or sanded down before they could be used be used. Needless to say, it was a tedious process. 
Steampunk Sculpture
But after a lot of time and with a lot of patience (and even more epoxy/resin) it turned out to be quite the spectacular little work of art.
Steampunk Sculpture by AlphaVariable
If you notice in the close up shots, you can see a few creatures made from clay and watch gears.
A snake, a turtle, a cat, a bee, and several birds inhabit the strange world I've created.
Can you see the turtle?
Steampunk Watch Part Turtle
The snake was fun to make! I sculpted his body from clay and used gears as accents...
steampunk snakesnake steampunk art
 He fits nicely in the Gear Garden!
Steampunk Art Snake
The flowers are also made out of-- you guessed it, gears! 
steampunk sculpture with gears
Did I mention it's a music box? By winding the blades of the windmill you unleash the hauntingly beautiful melody of the classic tune "To Dream The Impossible Dream". 
This sculpture took countless hours to complete, and is one of the most detailed pieces I've created to date. Sir Issac Newton once predicted the end of the world would be in the year 2060. I see this sculpture as taking place in 2061, a year after the world has ended. 
**This Sculpture SOLD to a Houston Collector in 2016**