Steampunk Aphrodite Necklace

The Birth of Aphrodite

So the story goes, Cronos cut off Uranus' stones.
And from the sea foam, Aphros, Aphrodite rose.

The Gods feared that Beauty would breed Contempt and divide.
Forbidden hearts replaced inside.

Myrtle Doves and Sparrow Horses, Lady Cythera.
- AlphaVariable

(A copy of this original poem will be included with the necklace when purchased)

This necklace is truly a one of a kind work of wearable art. The center Mermaid like figure is intended to represent Aphrodite rising from the Aphros (Greek for "sea foam"). According to Greek Mythology, Zeus cut off Cronos' genitals and threw them into the sea. The sea began to foam and Aphrodite, Goddess of Beauty, came to life and rose from the sea.

The clasp can fit into and of the back links so you can adjust its length as desired. Please select desired over all length at checkout. It is 16 inches long as pictured. The Aphrodite pendant itself is approximately 1.75 inches x 1 inch and the dangling chains are approximately 3 inches long.

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