Multiband Ring

  • METAL: Sterling Silver .925 (Nickel Free and Lead Free)
  • SIZE(s): 6, 8, 10 
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TIP FOR CHOOSING YOUR SIZE: Most people don't really think about this, but your ring size differs with respect to the height of the band on the ring, it's not just about the size of the hole your finger goes into. If the majority of the rings you wear have short or thin bands and are a size 8, it may be the case that with rings like these with taller/thicker bands, you may need a size 9. Most people only get their ring size measured when they get married, and since engagement rings often have very short /thin bands, they are receiving their ring size for rings that have a similar sized band as that ring. It’s easy to get your ring size measured once and think that’s what size you are for all rings, but that’s not true. The general rule of thumb is the thicker the band the larger your ring size. This has more to do with the restriction of your finger's movement since the taller/thicker bands go further up the finger than the shorter/thinner bands. I can make two rings, both size 8, with the exact same diameter, one with a short/thin band and one with a tall/thick band. Even though the diameter of the hole your finger is going into is the same size on both rings, it doesn't matter because one restricts your finger's movement more than the other, so one will fit more comfortably than the other. Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at!

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