Elephant Pocket Watch Necklace

  • METAL: Brass Base Metal (Nickel Free & Lead Free)  
  • PENDANT SIZE: Approximately 4 inches long 
  • CHAIN: Bronze Base Metal, Choose Your Own Length
Shipped Ready to Gift in FREE Gift Box
Watch really works! It takes a standard watch battery and one is included free in the pendant when shipped! 


1. Are the batteries replaceable. 

Yes. They take standard watch batteries and are easy to change. One battery comes installed for free when the watch is shipped. 

2. How do I set or change the time?

How to Set a Pendant-Set Pocket Watch:
~Hold the pocket watch dial-up.
~Grab the crown between your thumb and index finger.
~Carefully pull the crown away from the watch until you feel it pop.
~Rotate the crown until the hands indicate the correct time.
~Push the crown back towards the watch until you feel it pop.

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