By purchasing this listing you are initiating an exchange for a ring you previously purchased from AlphaVariable. All exchanges must comply with our Exchange Policies

Please select United States if you live within the United Sates, or International if you live elsewhere. The difference in price is due to the difference in the cost of shipping. 

The price of this listing covers the cost of shipping both for the ring you are exchanging and the ring you are exchanging it for. It also includes a cleaning/restocking fee. All rings must be professionally cleaned when being returned.

Shortly after you purchase this listing we will email you a return label which you can use to ship back the ring you are exchanging. Since it's a prepaid label you can just drop it off at the post office without waiting in line to buy postage. You can also leave it with any outgoing mail your postal worker regularly picks up.

When we receive the ring you are returning, we will inspect it to make sure it's still in its original condition, and then ship out the size you are exchanging it for within 1-2 business days, so the turn around should be fairly quick for the most part.