Mother Nature

This sculpture, Mother Nature, is a part of a series of sculptures by AlphaVariable called Gear Gardens.

Mother Nature is a fairy butterfly sculpture which has been painted with metallic acrylic and oil paint. The inside accents of the butterfly wings are made of thousands of tiny watch gears harvested from vintage watches and secured to the sculpture with the same quality glue used to set stones in fine jewelry. Mother Nature has arrived to speak of the new world, of a time that is both in front and behind us, to inculcate a sense of rebirth in a cold metal wasteland.

Approximate Dimensions of Mother Nature Sculpture: 9 inches x 8 inches x 7 inches

Gear Gardens is a series of Surreal Steampunk Sculptures by AlphaVariable. Featuring Father Time, Mother Nature, and The Windmill the sculptures are made of Up-cycled materials such as vintage music boxes, antique pocket watch gears, strange figures and more. Together these sculptures create a surreal post apocalyptic world that seems to be neither from the future nor the past.