Triacontakaioctagon Gemstone & Gear Kaleidoscope

This Geometric Gear and Gemstone Kaleidoscope is a collaboration between AlphaVariable and Randell Morgan. Randell Morgan is a luxury design brand that started in 2012 with three sculptural furniture pieces in a Neiman Marcus flagship pop up. They have gone on to design pieces for GOOP, Other Criteria, Ceylon et Cie, Grange Hall and Fiori.

The 38 faced wooden polyhedron (Triacontakaioctagon) body of the Kaleidoscope is meticulously hand cut. Exquisite gemstones and watch gears from Vintage pocket watches have been placed inside creating a surreal kaleidoscopic wonderland!

Here is a list of the kinds of gemstones found inside (picture of contents included in listing):
-Blue Topaz
-White Topaz
-Rough Diamond

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